Shoeb Karim


" I am Shoeb Karim. The Arabic word 'Shoeb' means 'little twig' and 'Karim' - it's also Arabic - means 'generous'. 'Generous little twig' sounds sweet, isn't it? Yes I believe a twig is a generous thing and can give things - little but meaningful . A twig beautifies a tree, and has little job of absorbing sun and rain, and also helps us to breath in fresh air - in a little extent I must say. Imagining a twig in particular, signifies nothing but, I think, it makes sense when we keep all the twigs in our mind. All the twigs together really doing ''something'', aren't they? I love my name and wanna be like it. Love to do something - may be little but meaningful in true sense. And wanna absorb every ray of sun, every drop of rain." - From the 'about me' of my writerscafe profile

  • Work
    • Anadikalpa
  • Education
    • Agrabad Govt. Colony High School
    • BN College, Chittagong
    • University of chittagong'14 English language & literature.