Shoe Leather Zoom

I take photographs, play the bass guitar, watch baseball, shoot handguns and listen to the Grateful Dead. I'm English by birth, British by nationality, Northern by the grace of God and Californian by choice.

I’m sure I was 25 the last time I checked, but my birth certificate claims otherwise. I live in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, the original Surf City USA. I like mafia movies and chick flicks and I’m married to an incredibly cool, beautiful American girl. We have four fabulous cats, of whom one in particular has me firmly under his paw.

My heroes are Steve Earle, Henry Rollins and Steve Van Zandt. I believe there’s nothing worth knowing about music which cannot be learned from listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage and that if you don’t love Creedence Clearwater Revival you have no soul.

I love baseball, rugby league and disc golf and I’m a disenfranchised, thoroughly disillusioned former soccer fan. I believe that rugby union is a profoundly boring game for men too fat and unskilled to play Australian Rules football and I can tell that summer is here because it's 80 degrees out, baseball is in full swing and the Beach Boardwalk is open every day.