Whether to take a 2 week trip or plan a 2 month vacation, how to reach there, where to stay and what to eat – we will help you with everything to the last detail. Not sure about the best ways to travel locally? Don’t worry – we will tell you the most effective ways to wander around. Interested in the arts? Or sports? Or just some quite time? We will guide you the perfect spots. From the historic lands of Italy to the fun filed cities of Spain, from the spiritual air of Vatican to the relaxing beaches

of Thailand, from the fast paced Parisian soil to the laid back Danish lands – we know it all. Highly focused at providing detailed itinerary for all your travel plans, we will ensure that you never miss out on any experience! We are your personal travel guide, customized to the last bit for your needs and comforts. You can chose to have fast paced adventure or a laid back vacation, we will ensure to have your day planned just the way you like it. And our support does not end once your itinerary is finalized. We are always available to make sure you are not missing out on things you love the most! So start already! We are waiting to hear from you.


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3. Receive rough draft of the trip itinerary

4. Share your comments & we shall re-work on the itinerary. Revisions are acceptable unlimited number of times

5. ShoeMagnet will be ready to help you with your needs, before the trip and even during your trip. Feel free to ask for last minute recommendations even when you are on the move

6. A small benefit you get when you choose ShoeMagnet – It’s FREE !! We do not charge you for anything P.S. We are presently accepting travel itinerary requests for Europe, UK, South East Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and India. Hoping to expand our scope round the globe very soon.