Shoes for Crews


Originally created in 1984, Shoes for Crews was founded by Stanley Smith, an entrepreneur who gained footwear experience producing shoes for nurses. When he partnered with a professor of rubber technology to design slip-resistant footwear, he placed the company on its path to become a leader in the industry. Today, Shoes for Crews offers its products to a global clientele that includes restaurants, hospitality professionals, industrial facilities and those in the medical field.

Shoes for Crews maintains an extensive selection of non-slip footwear for both men and women, encompassing more than 100 styles, ranging from athletic shoes and work boots to dress shoes. The company has also developed a variety of outsoles for workers in specific industries, such as those in the food-processing industry. Many of its products comply with ASTM, European EN ISO 20345, and China GB specifications and standards.

For more details about Shoes for Crews' product offerings, visit the company website at The site includes features such as footwear images, a searchable catalog, and a quick order form.