Photographer, Filmmaker, and Secretary in Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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Is one of the students in School of Business Communication & Secretarial Studies Tarakanita - majoring in Secretary 2013.

She is a part of the alumni of SMAN 12 Jakarta. For two years, she ever joined the School's Press, LIRA, under the auspices of SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta as one of the division board.

She was really liked art and literature. Her experience in the art, began when she was in kindergarten with frequent follow various coloring and drawing competition which held in several areas in Jakarta, such as Pasar Seni Ancol and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. In addition, some creativitis of her paintings have often displayed in BOBO magazines, at that time.

Her experiences in the art, not only through about painting, but also in the music. Started when she was sitting in elementary school, by following a few times in musical ensemble group competition, up to the provincial level. She also trusted to be a student representative for the OSN elementary school level for the biology.

In 2006, She had joined the Studio Permata Theatre under the directed by J.Yuswin , where was training in front of the Gallery Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. She involved in staging of the 2 title, that was held at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, namely:

Murni - 2006

Ayahku (Reading) - 2006

When in high school, she had to follow some blogs competition. Among them, She won at the 2nd place for "Lomba Asyiknya Nge-Blog bersama XL & Wartakotalive.com" in the general category, which is held throughout the national, and won at the 1st place for "Blog Contest Galau is Negative Classmeeting TWICS" which held at SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta. She also believed to be one of the school representatives for OSN Information Technology high school level.

Now, She is busy with activities on campus and wrote several short stories in one of the forums. She still interest in music, writing, reading, graphic design, and photography. She is preaparing to reach her goal which is to be a professional and successfull secretary.