Photography by Shogunmaster

Nagoya, Japan

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You can find the photography work of Jeffrey B. Johnston, a Nagoya based photographer and the Creator/Publisher of SPOT Report Magazine (COMSEC Media) specializing in event & portrait photography.

My reason for being here is to feature some of my work from past events and to meet people & establish solid mutual friendships. Since becoming a semi-fulltime freelance photographer in 2008, I have photographed everything from local festivals here in Nagoya to night club events in Tokyo. In between, I have covered a number of fashion events, cosplay events, auto races and car shows all over Japan.

Although I am just a freelancer, I'd say my standards are high... in providing great shots. I work with only digital cameras using common filtration techniques when required. As commonly practiced by photographers today, I do allow for digital editing as it pertains to the curves, levels, highlights, sharpening etc... I do not usually employ digital techniques commonly used to produce “photo art” I have studied many of these techniques and appreciate the beautiful images that can result in these artistic styles. I prefer to have my photos produced with only a single click of the shutter.

I love working with people and making them happy and capturing their important moments. My goal always is to be as 'unconventional' in my work and approach as possible. I prefer laid back, easy going shoots, in odd settings, i.e., parks, landscapes, or any environments that make the subject/s comfortable. Sorry no standard background drapes and straight on portraits for me... only on rare occasion. I prefer to capture you real, raw and in the moment. My style desires are different, I see the moment and feel it and then capture it! I am always open to your ideas, suggestions and input. I also like to know a bit about you, so I can tailor some artistic creativity into my shots of you.

I am available for assignment work, and my complete image archive, which contains some photos from the various events I have had the chance to photograph since 2006, is fully searchable in my website listed below.

Enjoy! Tell your friends, leave comments, better yet leave money! This traveling stuff ain’t cheap even though I travel on shoestring budget!

Your comments and feedback would be most appreciated.