Omar Khalid Shohag



I'm a very simple and friendly boy. I usually don't get angry much. I respect & love all my friends & their friendships. My Blood group Is B+ (Just For Knowledge :P)

There's Nothing Special About Me. I'm Always Very Simple & Practical. Belive In Reality, No Fake Words, No Hide & Seek. Straight Forword, Caring, Loving & Too Much Friendly & Open Minded, With Everyone. Quite Addicted To Technology & Science. Love Innovations, Creativity. Always Ready To Help Anyone My Best, As Far As I Can. But There's A Problem, I'm Stuck With Honesty :(

In Making Friendships, Age, Occupation, Standerd, Face These Should Not Be A Fact. Just You Should Have Social Attitude, Fresh, Open & Helpfull Mind, Careness, And Better Understanding For A Very Good Friendship. Without These, You Can Be A Friend, But Not A Real Friend, Not A Close Friend. So, We Can Be Friends Or Best Friends. Its Up To You. From Me, I'll Always Be A Very Good Friend Of You, A Real Friend Who Will Never Let You Go Alone, Always You Can Find Me Beside You. :)

I Don't Want God's Paradise At All Or At Any Cost. I Respect God And Do Works As He Said. But I Just Want To Keep Everyone Smiling, Happy, As Fas As I Can, Just Want To Share Love, Real Friendship, Fun, Just Want To Help Everyone As Far As I Can, Just Want To Be A Real Friend, Close Companion To Everyone. I Don't Know How To Cheat, How To Break Anyone's Trust, How To Break Anyone's Heart, How To Hurt Someone, How To Tease Someone....Cause I Always Try To Never Do These Thinks. I Always Pray To God To Give Me Such Ability. Then God Can Give Me Whatever He Wants, I'll Accept That Happily.

I Don't Like To Waste My Time Doing Worthless Tasks, And What I Think Worthless, I Think That Really Worthless. I Love What I Do, And I Do What I Love.

My Main Ideal Is Our Prophet (SM). After That, It Comes To Many Ones. One I Would Like To Include- Steve Jobs.

But I'm Not Jealous Of Anything. I'm Not Over-Confident, I'm Not Shellfish. These Things Can Never Get Into My Life.

I Don't Care Whatever Other People, The World Calls For Me, Whatever They Says Behind Me. I Am What & How Just That The Way I Am.

I'm Hardly Serious In My Comments. Mostly, I Do Fun. So Don't Take Me Seriously If You Think I'm Hurting You. Specially When I Use Funny Emos.