Sho Ikushima

a dancer/actor/choreographer

Sho Ikushima is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He moved to California to study dance at the age of 15, and continued his study at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dance Department. After graduating from NYU, Sho danced for companies like Palissimo and Brian Brooks Moving Company and he started to spend more time for choreography. That is also when he started to study acting with John Strasberg, and that relationship went on until he left NY. After studying and working in NY for 6 yrs, he decided to move to Europe to dance at State Theater Kassel. Sho also has received Impuls Tanz danceWEB Scholarship in 2009. Sho came back to Japan in 2010 and studies and works in many fields such as dance, acting, TV/Radio reporter, translator/ interpreter. Also, he started his research on Breathing under Professor Ikuo Honma at Showa University School of Medicine.


東京都出身。15歳でカルフォルニアにダンスを勉強するために単身渡米。ニューヨーク大学ティッシュ校ダンス科を3年で卒業。大学卒業後、PalissimoやBrian Brooks Moving Companyなどのカンパニーで踊る傍ら、振り付け家としても活動を始める。またこの頃にジョン・ストラスバーグのもと演劇を学び始める。NYで6年間過ごした後、カッセル州立劇場とダンサーとして契約、ヨーロッパに拠点を第二移す。2009年度のインポルスダンス ダンスウェブスカラーシップに選ばれる。2010年に帰国、ダンス、TV、ラジオ番組など様々な分野での活動を行う。