I was born in Purwodadi, Central Java in October 12, 1989. I study IT for pleasure at the University of Pamulang. I’m interested in everything that is related to computer/science, network security, performance optimization, low level programming, game development, web development and so on. I also work in IT, where my job is to manage website and social media. Before I came to it, I worked in event organizer. I like to work with the customers and always meet new people. I enjoy making my customers happy and sometimes I can even make them laugh.

I live in Pamulang. I don’t have any animals, but I would really like to have a cat. I also have two brothers and one sister. My parents live in the small city called Purwodadi, Central java.

I go to gym few times a week, depends on how much time I have. Usually I am quite busy man, as I am doing my work, studies and also working. Reading is one my favorite things in my live. When I have more free time, I read a lot of books that are mostly fantasy. But I like to read many type of books. Also I follow a lot of TV series and I go to movies with my friends quite often. And of course, I like to hangout with my friends.

I consider myself a bit nerd. I really like technology products. I follow all new technology releases and I use a lot of my time to research these new products. But sometimes, I like to cut my ties to technology for few days and for example enjoy the nature.

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