Shoko Sekiguchi

ESG, Corporate Sustainability, and Entrepreneur in New York

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After much soul-searching, I’ve created Ampleen, a combination of the words “ample” and “green" to be a part of sustainability movement and dedicate myself to make a change on how we live and think about our environment and well-being.

"Igniting SustianABILITY"

At Ampleen (, we help companies to increase productivity and retention by engaging employees and taking a strategic approach that incorporate sustainability and CSR as a booster of innovation and well-being. We are serious about creating purpose-driven companies and telling your company's story to all key stakeholders, including investors. We have in-depth understanding about various platforms, such as SDGs, SASB and GRI to measure and effectively communicate your efforts.

Our mission is to help global businesses and their employees transition to a low carbon economy (LCE) by identifying risks and opportunities under new regulations and market demand.

I hope you visit us and share our passion and consider engaging with us at Ampleen. Please send your thoughts, questions or comments to, and stay on top of all the latest Ampleen blog posts and sustainability related news by following me on Twitter at @ampleen.

To a greener and more sustainable world,

Shoko Sekiguchi

Founder and CEO, Ampleen

  • Education
    • Masters of Art in International Affairs, Elliott School of GW (D.C.)