Shokoofeh Azar

I am an Iranian author and journalist currently living in Australia back to 2011. My background education is BA in Persian Language and Literature in 1996 and Diploma in journalism 1999. So far I published 2 books, large number of Published short stories, reviews, interviews, reports and essays in Iranian literature and social newspaper, magazines and websites back to 1996. Also I published 3 short stories in Westerly magazine, issue 58:1/June 2013 and issue 59:1 2014 I finished my first novel titled: “The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree” which is about the events of an Iranian family after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The novel is written in the style of magical realism and has Iranian legends, myths and tales integrated into it. My publishing books: 1. A book for children (I Might Want to Eat You) (2002)2. A collection of short stories, called “The day of Grave”(2010)