ghosts n shit

Sup! I'm Rai and I'm a 15 year old mexican/native american kid from oregon!

my personality type is infp-t!

💕 Marshall is my df and i love them very much!!(ill be sure to tag pda when i post it!)💕

🚹 i am a transboy and im pansexual! I use he/him pronouns only 🚹

i have alot of dumb interests but heres some of my favs if you like any of these hmu so we can talk about them!!



-devils candy

-street fighter 5

-voltron:legendary defender

-avatar/legend of korra


-any of my canons!

-surfing!!(im really passionate about it and its one of my dreams so i might ramble on about it from time to time)

i do not have a religion but i do believe in witchcraft,ghosts and other spiritual stuff please respect my beliefs as i will respect yours!

i love drawing and making characters and i have a shit ton of ocs!! i draw and talk about them alot hmu if ya wanna talk abt them or even make matching ocs!

my aesthetics are:

-neon/black lights(basically all glowy stuff especially sensory rooms and black light mini golf!)



-oceans,beaches,and coral reefs!!

i have ADD and depression and my mood swings change alot and i vent alot but i try not to be such a downer all the time but i use drawing and talking about my interests my to cope!!

please don't follow if...

-you're kin/homo/trans phobic


-above 20yrs of age or below 13

-you make vagues about me

-you will make fun of my interests

please DM to follow and why or I will deny your request (no exceptions) and PLEASE tell me why you unfollow or if someone is talking about me that kind of stuff makes me panic!

i dont have any kins but here are all my ids!!

i also go by any id name!! feel free to refer to me as any of my ids listed,if not just call me Rai!

i know theres doubles of me obviously but please dont follow me if you are or you follow someone who is thanks!

Baseline(literally me)

•Lance:voltron legendary defender

Main(also literally me)

•Raimundo:xiaolin showdown

•Danny:danny phantom

•Jake:american dragon jake long

•Randy:randy cunningham ninth grade ninja

•Danny:bravest warriors

•Flame prince:adventure time(fiona and cake)

And last but not least here are my tags!! i dont id/kin as these characters

•keaton:fire emblem



•Kai:legend of korra

•Max:camp camp

and thats about it yo!! please send me a 👍 emoji when you rq so i know you read my about!

and i also have multiple accounts you could follow pls check em out!

art ig:merewiftag