Shola Olowoyeye

I was born in Lagos (Nigeria) on June 16, 1988. He was the third child of Mr and Mrs. Olowoyeye, Automobile Dealer and Businesswoman in Lagos. I attend Royal Children School, Olasehinde Street, Mushin then attend May Flower Senior Secondary School, Ikenne, Ogun State, attend Ifesowapo Secondary School, Aboru. After my secondary days, i has interest in IT, I attend Secretarial College, Araromi, Lagos, after my training i got employed by rising Glory, then worked with Rehoboth Network as a computer analyst, then worked with SOY Communications as Operation Manager at the same time become the CEO of Pacetech. [just a dot]After high school graduation, he studied natural sciences at the University of Neuchâtel where he obtained a Ph.D. During this period, he published two philosophical essays which he considered as "adolescence work" but were important for the general orientation of his thinking. [just a dot]After a semester spent at the University of Zürich where he developed an interest for psychoanalysis, he left Switzerland for France. He spent one year working at the Ecole de la rue de la Grange-aux-Belles a boys' institution created by Alfred Binet and then directed by De Simon who had developed with Binet a test for the measurement of intelligence. There, he standardized Burt's test of intelligence and did his first experimental studies of the growing mind. [just a dot]In 1921, he became director of studies at the J.-J. Rousseau Institute in Geneva at the request of Sir Ed. Claparède and P. Bovet. [just a dot]In 1923, he and Valentine Châtenay were married. The couple had three children, Jacqueline, Lucienne and Laurent whose intellectual development from infancy to language was studied by Piaget. [just a dot]Successively or simultaneously, Piaget occupied several chairs: psychology, sociology and history of science at Neuchâtel from 1925 to 1929; history of scientific thinking at Geneva from 1929 to 1939; the International Bureau of Education from 1929 to 1967; psychology and sociology at Lausanne from 1938 to 1951; sociology at Geneva from 1939 to 1952, then genetic and experimental psychology from 1940 to 1971. He was, reportedly, the only Swiss to be invited at the Sorbonne from 1952 to 1963. In 1955, he created and directed until his death the International Center for Genetic Epistemology.