Sebastian Holzner

Langenzenn, Bavaria, Germany

I'm a passionate gamer, (perl-) programmer and a citizen of various communities around the web. I am currently working as a Software Configuration Manager in Erlangen (Bavaria) in Germany.

One of my strengths is that I'm able to get into new things pretty fast, I am an allround and open-minded programmer. My love goes to the various scripting languages with Perl as my all time favorite. But I know the basics of various other languages, such as Java, VB6, VB.NET, Python, PHP etc and devices such as Anroid OS.

In my freetime I'm a news editor over at, listen to various kinds of music (Symphonic/Melodic Metal most of the time or some sort of medieval music), Gaming (Simulations, RPGs and RTS games such as Starcraft2) and a few other minor projects.

As an ex-officer in a semi-professional WoW Guild I was also an mediator of sorts. People tend to believe that with going online, they get a new identity and leave their behaviors and stuff like that behind. Which they don't. Seriously. Because of that there were often smaller and bigger debates inside the guild which I ended up moderating. That said, I'm a calm guy who tries to think first and who values good behavior (especially when talking to another person) very very highly. You think that's normal? Yes it should be. But it (apparently) isn't. Especially not on the Net and MMOs...

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