Shomprakash Sinha Roy


Shomprakash Sinha Roy (Born: October, 1990) stays in Bangalore and works as a Content Developer at Dell Inc. He has previously written “The Pink Smoke” to narrate the initial stages of his life’s events in a ‘censored fictional basket’ (his own words). He loves books, and has a fantastic collection of classics and contemporary hits. He joined engineering in 2008, but eventually dropped out, owing to a difference in opinion with his college authorities and multiple medical complications. He later attended grad school at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts in India, to work his way towards a degree in Business Management. He claims that his greatest sustainable experience stems from the struggle that he has witnessed, and it has been his endeavor to yield the same into words. His world is driven by the forces of good literature and the language of fantasy presented in Fiction. He is a Harry Potter fanatic, and worships the works of Joanne Kathleen Rowling. He has written for many anthologies, including “25 Strokes of Kindness” and has contributed to the bestselling series titled “The Backbenchers”. In 2013, Whistling Woods International School of Film, Media & Communication conferred the prestigious “Young Achiever Award” upon Shomprakash. He remains a prolific writer, speaker and self-recognized nerdfighter.

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    • Dell Inc
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