Shonak Patel

Shonak Patel grew up in a family full of educators and socially-minded entrepreneurs. In the third grade, around the holidays, Shonak built a 4-story gingerbread hotel with a parking garage that humbly towered over his fellow students' ginger bread houses. It was at this exact moment, he decided that one day he would not only build a business of his own, but build something big, something that would really meet the needs of the people. Now more than ever, he views a great opportunity for businesses to support the unmet needs within their community, a shifting view from the age old theory of corporate social responsibility. He strongly believes business to be a powerful leader in every community, with the unique flexibility and creativity to facilitate meaningful social change. After four years working in real estate finance, Shonak served as an Americorps volunteer in New Orleans, doing community development work in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods. With the creation of Swellr with his best friends, Shonak is finally pursuing his dream of making it easy for every business to do "good" business within their community