Shonda T.

Vellore, India

I landed a post-doctoral fellowship three months after I defended my PhD at the end of April, and what better way to start post-graduate life then with a global health innovation assignment in Vellore, India. I hear the food and weather are hotter than hell. I'm leaving all my clothes behind to travel India butt-naked! Or I am sure I can purchase an entirely new wardrobe for a fraction of what it would cost in the States...if it happens to get a little weird.

This trip should prove to be quite interesting - especially since I just learned there are no showers -- or bathtubs! I would have been bathing in a bucket if I didn't use this newfound knowledge to my benefit! You can imagine how my Amazon wish list looked with a portable shower-head and aquarium water heater (to take the chill out of the bucket).

So, what will I be doing in India? I will be going into rural villages collecting stool samples from a cohort of children and sifting through (hot shit) for bugs. No one can make this shit up - it's all true. Saving the world, one stool sample at a time!

But when I'm not elbow deep in crap I expect to dive in the Andaman Islands, dine in Puducherry, wear huge nose rings, learn Kama Sutra, speak Hindi and Tamil, drink bhang lassi, cool off in hill stations and henna my entire body!

This journey begins 7 January 2015. I won't be back in the States for 6 months. I invite you to join me via this blog. I intend to post weekly so if you don't hear from me, know that I've been killed in a autorickshaw accident, eaten by a Bengal tiger, or run over by a cow that I couldn't beat off due to its divine status.
I am practical, frugal, logical, progressive – everything I need to be fully independent and successfully adventurous! This is what it looks like when a wild woman is left to be wild!

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