Shontay Racquel

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Since elementary school, Shontay-RaçQuel has always been an artistic individual who enjoys using her creativity for writing, drawing, and now fashion. Since she was about 7 years old, she started getting her artwork and poetry published after winning competitions. She geared her interest in art towards fashion after becoming influenced by the musical group TLC. That's when Shontay-RaçQuel began to dress like the group members imitating their distinct style until she eventually developed a style of her own. After grasping the attention of others with her unigue style, she took a keen interest in using her creativity to create a brand of her oown. She received her BFA in Fashion Design in May of 2014. Shontay-RaçQuel studied psychology as a minor because in the future, she plans to start an organization that focuses on helping less fortunate people. For this organization, she does not only want to customize second hand clothes to make these individuals feel special, but Shontay-RaçQuel also wants to use her credentials in psychology to counsel these individuals. Genuine beauty starts from within and she believes that both her major and minor will aid her to be well equipped to help others on their journey.

  • Work
    • Fashion Designer and Illutrator, Jewelry Designer
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Fine Arts