Shonte Lively


There's this story about a young girl reared in a small country town. She never had the small town mentality if you will, but trust she was proud to be a country girl. Her dreams were just enormous, and her heart even bigger! She dreamed of saving the world, taking it by storm.

One day I will share the story to it's entirety, but as luck would have still being written.

Tag along as I chase my dreams. I dream big and live out loud. I possess many gifts, enjoy life, and have so much love to give.

-I plan and decorate social and corporate events

-Write short stories

-Promote enetertainers, A&R Administrative Assistant

-Creator of beautiful objects

-Love to be behind the camera (amateur photography)

-And I act a liltte (still getting comfy in front of the lens)

Stay tuned I'm sure there's more to be come!