Nenad Nikolic

Hamburg, Germany

Born, raised and matured in Belgrade, Serbia. I currently live and work as a freelance software consultant and engineer in the lovely Hamburg, Germany where I got extra layers of maturity and pragmatism. I look for Sun and vitamin D in other places.

Previously I've worked at XING in several projects and roles, first as a Senior Software Engineer on the OpenSocial project, then as Product Manager for the API, then returned to building search and recommendation as Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead.

I look for patterns in both people, software and the context surround both in the pursue to understand reality and concisely describe it. Hence the "pattern-seeking animal".

Some insatiable curiosity made me to learn and professionally work with a number of programming languages with the notable ones being: Java, Python, C#, C++... and last not but least - Scala. I've been mostly building web applications although there have been escapades into then unknown territories: client-server anti-spam software, network drivers for securing traffic WiFi traffic (using IPsec and then state-of-the-art encryption algorithm AES) and something-which-shortest-description-is-so-long that I'll spare the details for those (hackers?) who care to ask.

Apart from my native Serbian (a.k.a. Serbo-Croatian really) I'm also fluent in English, German and Spanish. I self-taught myself which I understand Italian and I used to speak it before i got good in Spanish. I hope to find enough willpower and time to learn at least basic Mandarin.

I used to train, be very good and managed to stay good at tennis and basketball. Nowadays I'm a bit more easy going and regularly practice 5 Tibetans, yoga, running, and swimming - keeping me both energized and flexible after long hours of hacking on the sitting ball.

I thoroughly enjoy new developments in music of

  • Education
    • University of Belgrade