Kirb Shookaite

France, Paris

I'm a french gamer who lives near Paris.I can easily express myself in english so you can forget the "french" word in this text and come talk with me.

I play various games, i dont like FPS games except Counter Strike , i love music games , knowing that I'm not good at all at it, like Audiosurf, Osu!, etc.
In real life I'm currently 15 (born in 1998, if year passed since i made this text, just calculate it yourself), I love listening to very diversified music (if i had to give you genre, i'll say Electro, Trance, Glitch Hop, and Dubstep. It's said right under that, i play rythm games, so i listen to a lot of musics through it. I'm in love with the songs mixed in Sound Voltex), and watching japanese anime. Btw if you want to tell me about some anime that you love, feel free to do so.
If you know me well you surely know that i love Touhou and all the stuff related, and more specially I love Flandre Scarlet.

Also, know that i'm a pogrammer, so if you have question, i'll very enjoy helping you with your use of computers.

I'm going out of inspiration, so see yah ;3
If you see very big mistakes in my text, please tell me, dont forget that english isn't my native language

Then, that's all for now, see ya

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