Y U B I N ♥;

ユビン カング

the asian with the british accent (:

i speak english

je parle le français .

私は日本語を話すます .

저는 한국 말 할수 있어요 .

&& now i am teaching myself russian, mandrin, italian, && german .

fifteen . south korean . sophomore . francophile . married ♥ ~

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~b i r t h d a y~: june sixteenth .

~b l o o d t y p e: A

~s t a r s i g n: gemini ♥

~n i c k n a m e s: yu, yuyu, && yu-chan.

~likes: apples, bananas, cupcakes, ice cream, sunflowers, bows, ribbons, roses, drawing, art, music, dancing, history, france, japan, korea, languages, dolls, sweets, violin, piano, rococo art, laughing, pictures, cosplaying, cooking, baking, yellow roses, roses, white camillas, hetalia, vocaloids, writing, reading, blogging, writing letters, morning texts ♥, goodnight texts ♥, letters ♥, cookies, cakes, strawberry shortcake, rings, hearts, cute things, cherry blossom scented anything, cherry blossoms, classical music, k-pop, j-pop, j-rock, video games, glasses, bracelets, necklaces, photobooths, purikura pictures ♥, yellow, white, red, rikkakuma, teddy bears, hello kitty, choco cat, fans, dresses, skirts, flowers, && will add more (: .

~dislikes: d r a m a, leeks, bitter things, people who force me to do things i don't want to do, winter-ish, cold weather, math, getting up early, fighting, trolls, complicated things-ish, burnt cookies/food, && will add more *braindead*