Brittany Starr

Brittany Starr was the name I was birthed with. I get many compliments on it. Most of them are, "It sounds like a famous celebrity's name." One day, I hope to make it one.

I enjoy acting/directing/writing. At the current moment I just make videos on youtube, and portray many roles in my school's plays.

My current hobby is to cosplay as my favorite characters from T.V. Shows/Movies/Anime/Video Games. Cosplaying is when you dress up like a charcter and walk around conventions pretending to be them. It sounds insane, I know. But it's actually good experience in the acting field. It helps you with your improvising.

I am the complete black sheep of my family and school. Everyone thinks it's extremely odd for me to dress up and go to conventions for fun. So not many people go out of there way to talk to me. My few friends are usually the only people who go out of there way to talk to me. I'm usually forgotten about at school by my peers. It sometimes feels like they're looking through me in the halls, rather than looking in my dirention. It's like they're staring through a ghost. But I manage.

I'm an extremely outgoing person, and I like to make jokes about almost anything. I like to make new friends, and making people feel good about themselves. :)