We are a film produciton company based in Mumbai, who are into producing Feature films, TV Commercials and other Entertainment content. We are currently in the pre-production of our first feature film. It's tentatively titled " A blind date".



The film follows the plight of Amar, a 27 year old scriptwriter, who just got dumped by his long-term girlfriend and suffered through the most miserable time of his life. It's valentine's day and Amar ends up alone and broke, and vows to lock his doors, and climb into bed - until his room mate forces him to post an online personal ad on a dating website. He decides to meet the first woman who calls him, Nisha, a chain-smoking, temperamental aspiring actress( who turns out has just had a fight with her boyfriend and is out on a rebound) determined to be with the "right" man on the Valentine's day. She says she's meeting two other guys before him, and shall select one among them after screening them. She's even more strange in person, and shockingly bold. She is aggressive and edgy, and gives him until sundown to impress her if she has to spend the evening with him. Things go awkwardly initially, but as they walk and talk, they embark on a journey that is surprisingly romantic, although never predictably so, and as the layers are peeled off, and the characters soften, becomes even more poignant and romantic. What ensues is a chaotic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching journey through Mumbai.

A bittersweet and fresh Romantic comedy with unique, engaging, laugh out loud funny and tear-inducing moments as well...

Director's Bio

Gopal studied from MICA( Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad). Apart from working as an Assistant Director on three feature films, he has several Documentaries and Short films to his credit. His film Sheher-e-Ghazal was adjuged the best short film award at VS International Arts Festival. "A date with NIsha" is his debut feature film as a Director.

Positions Available

Assistant Director - 3 positions

Job role:

- Scheduling for shoots

- Arranging locations and permits

- Help in casting

- Getting the right people to the right place

- Coordinating props, wardrobe, hairdressing, and make-up personnel

- Contacting

- Reminding

- Rehearsing Actors

Personailty Traits:

Organized, hav