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Many people outside the world of e-commerce believe that online sales is a real eldorado easy to access. A certain press is pleased to reinforce this legend by means of pseudo-documentaries on a potato farmer who made a fortune by selling them on the net or on a baker having multiplied his turnover by 10 since the opening of his website! This kind of success story obviously exists but for some successes of this kind, we count thousands of dropouts and bankruptcies! E-commerce is not an eldorado but a simple additional sales channel for which your success will be based on the same conditions as a traditional trade: good products, an attractive shop, a lot of work, adapted prices to your products and your customers, etc ...

Another common cliché is that there are few ways to launch its online sales site because this type of activity does not require a physical store and offers an unlimited number of customers! Once again, opening an e-commerce site can not be improvised and requires many other resources than just a physical store. You will have to manage technical aspects, marketing, logistics, suppliers, customer complaints, etc. If you do not have technical skills, you will also need a relatively large budget for the design of the site, its maintenance and its promotion.

The last cliché I'm going to dwell on today is the e-shopkeeper who works when he wants and spends his time surfing the Internet! This shot is also widespread and I can assure you that it is absolutely ridiculous! A day's work is indeed too short to manage all the tasks of the small e-merchant, I can mention in particular the following daily tasks: responses to emails and customer calls, preparation of packages, shuttle to the Post, preparation of shipments, replenishment orders, accounting, logistics, webmarketing, .... And if you have a little time and energy: research new products, technology watch, analysis of opportunities for improvement ....

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