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Shophouses have a few features that make them distinctive from other buildings you may find in south-eastern Asia. They have a narrow face to look at, but they have a greater depth. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the older, or modern, shophouses, there’s no denying that the practicality of them both from a business and residential standpoint make them a good buy opportunity as an investor.

Purchasing real estate is not something that you should do from an emotional perspective. Too often people who are new to the real estate business let himself be led by their hearts rather than by the brains. This of course is a terrible mistake that will almost always lead you to disaster. If you are buying real estate for the purpose of investment then you should always be pursuing these deals from the perspective of your ROI. That is your return on investment.

There is no other factor that matters than the ROI that a property can deliver you. You should not get bogged down with ideas about whether you like the color, or you think the bathroom is perfect, or whether or not you want to make little changes in the kitchen. Those are thoughts that a home buyer would have if they are planning to move in. Those things do not matter to you. You are not concerned with color, you're not concerned with finishes, you're not concerned with anything other than what ROI can get.

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