Zivis Marketing Solutions Inc.

Zivis Inc. partnered with various financing companies through our website shopinstallment.com by bringing together retail clients and end consumers together through the portal providing a quick and easy application process for installment financing for gadgets and appliances without the need of a credit card. Now everything has become more affordable to consumers through the installment program. No need to pay cash outright for those expensive gadgets and appliances you have been dreaming of.

Our goal is to make gadgets, appliances and other items readily available and within reach to everyone. We have established quick financing for gadgets, appliances and other items through the internet by allowing everyone to shop on installment without the need of a credit card.

"Imagine how easy life can be if you can avail of everything through installment…"

To serve our clients as best as we can and going the extra mile to provide the service they truly deserve.

To become the best online installment shopping portal by showcasing a wide range of gadgets and appliances and other items and allowing everyone to have the chance to own their favorite gadgets and appliances through our installment program.