Seth Hopkins

I am the product of two (now retired) teachers. My father was a High School Biology teacher, and my mother taught 1st grade. I grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania and went on to Bloomsburg University where I picked up my degree in Computer Information Systems. I have a strong science background, great attention to detail, and endless amounts of curiosity. Upon graduation from Bloomsburg, this curiosity took across the country to California where I lived and worked for almost 10 years. I held a variety of positions of which most were formed around technology. Everything from contract work for the government to working as the IT manager at a wholesale bamboo manufacturer. With the help of a friend, I started a business creating and displaying interactive panoramic photography. The intent is to help visitors get a more immersive look at business, parks and universities so that they can become more informed and visit these locations from a computer before a visit in person. You can see some examples of our work at

I have relocated back to the East coast in 2010 and recently I found a new home with IT Pros - Philadelphia as their Data Manager.