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In the field of webmarking, the online purchase is the conclusion of a commercial transaction carried out via the Internet. Dematerialized purchases have been boosted in recent years, thanks in particular to the implementation of reliable secure payment systems.

How does online shopping work?

To buy a product or service online, the user usually goes to online shops. Like a real store, this type of virtual shop displays and details each item sold. The consumer then has only to select the desired product to add it in his virtual shopping cart. Once all of its items have been chosen, the customer can proceed to the payment of his order by opting for one of the methods of payment authorized by the site: credit card, check, PayPal service, etc. It also selects the desired delivery methods (at home, in a post office, in a relay point, etc.).

What are the advantages of buying online?

Buy online allows the consumer:

To save time by avoiding queues at the cash register;

To compare the prices of products on different sites in order to take advantage of the best offers;

To make purchases easily without moving;

Access in a few clicks to a wider range of products than on the market;

To benefit from the advice of consumers who have previously purchased the selected product;