NCLA Products

Luxury Nail Polish in Los Angeles, California

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NCLA creatively innovates products that combine fashion and beauty and never forgets where we come from. Sunny Southern California! Our true essence - what and how we create things, the moments that truly inspire us - are deeply embedded in our DNA. It is our passion and our common love for the same things. Our goal is to create luxury nail products by effortlessly combining our love for everything fashion and beauty. We are proud to provide vegan nail polish, nail gels and nail wraps that are 7-free and cruelty free. Never tested on animals because we love them.

Our line of nail fashion products is the innovative expression of what we consider important: Achieving that perfect look that subtly impresses. Inspiring innovation through fashion forward design. Delivering superior quality that stands far above the rest.

We recognize the value of exceptional products, creativity and individuality. As such our mission is to create nail fashion products we unconditionally believe in. We live in NCLA. Every day.