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You want to put your online sales shop into service and are you hesitating between different technical platforms? In this article, we will take a quick tour of open source and commercial solutions. This analysis is obviously not exhaustive because the market for e-commerce solutions contains several hundred different solutions, so we will focus on the most successful and / or affordable solutions on the market.

We can immediately differentiate between commercial platforms based on a subscription and billing their customers a fixed monthly amount or a percentage of the turnover generated and open source solutions (examples: Prestahop or Magento) to be put into service oneself or via an integrator.

The advantages of the first range of solutions (subscription-based platforms) are to be very simple to implement and a budget of departure more than reasonable since the budget is limited to your monthly subscription encompassing all the services (hosting , licenses, bank charges, ...). In addition, the support offered by the company is generally quite responsive and you will be accompanied in your project to a certain extent. The personalization of these solutions is however their weak point as well as the monthly cost which can become a disadvantage in the case where your shop garners a consequent turnover.

The advantages of open source solutions are the possibilities of almost infinite customizations and the extremely low cost of implementation in the event that you manage the commissioning of your shop yourself. Magento is technically a very powerful solution but it seems to me more complex to take in hand for small e-traders. This platform also requires hosting powerful enough to provide sufficient operating speed. Moreover, Magento has just announced its takeover by EBay and the future of this platform is still uncertain to this day.

My choice will go clearly to the French solution Prestashop with which operate more than 50 000 online store! Prestashop is free, easy to use and extremely efficient. I will not speak about a historical player who is OSCommerce still very widespread but which seems to me technologically exceeded by the competitors.

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