Megumi Takako

Megumi Takako

こんにちわ あたしわ たかこ めぐみ です。 よろしく おねがいします。

Hello everyone, my name is Takako Megumi. Nice to meet you all ^^ I am a designer. i do manga art, digital painting, and fashion design.

I Love Fashion. I Love Paris & Japan.

I mostly design Japanese fashion for a contest. and mostly were Sweet Lolita.. XD

I have an online shop of my own, it's called Momoeru Shoppu ♥ ももえる しょっぷ。 Well, they're not my designs, but they are mostly in high demand in Japan or in the US. I hope you like them.

I hope we could get to know each other better.

mail me at:

Thanks everyone! ~_^

ありがとう みんあ さな。じゃあ まった ね。