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To preparing for little triathlon, you must recall 4 words: strengths and weakness, goal, and caution. These 4 will require one to the finish line if not the podium.

Advantages and We...

The easiest way to begin your access to triathlon is by joining tiny triathlon. In this way, you avoid over-training yourself which may wind up losing your stint in the competition. However, the small triathlon is just a true triathlon and therefore you should give your-self enough time to prepare for it.

To finding your way through little triathlon, you should recall 4 words: strengths and weakness, goal, and warning. These 4 will require you to the finish line or even the podium.

Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weakness. And realizing every one of them would give you the best instrument in making it to the small triathlon. Knowing what're your strengths would mean knowing where to start your teaching. They are your blueprints. Acknowledge it, you may well be good on swimming although not in running. You might be one hell of an athlete but suck around the cycle. The thing is: understanding where your strong and disadvantages are could inform you what to enhance and what to carry on increasing.


You must have an objective, if you want to cross the finish line in one piece. And this would indicate drawing up a plan (a realistic plan) that would take one to your purpose.

First: Set your primary goal. In cases like this your goal is to finish the race in one piece (you could also consider other goals, its up to you).

Second: Make sure you have identified your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you realize just how to keep on track with your program.

Third: Devise your training plan. Set times when, where, and the manner in which you should do it. Give your self enough time to sleep. A great rest could keep your body in added in the same time, as your training progresses increasing. You may want to consult some expert with this.

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