Introduction: Shoptimize is an Android app that assists Amherst-area consumers in keeping track of their grocery lists. It allows users to create lists, manage coupons, and view store floor plans.

Download APK here:

Creating and Managing Lists:In order to get to your shopping lists you must first launch the Shoptimize app on your phone. Once the app is launched tap the shopping list button in the center of the menu. This will bring you to a store list menu. From here you should tap the name of the store you want to make a shopping list for. This will finally bring you to your shopping list. If this is your first time using the app, the list should be empty. You may now add items by typing the name of the item in the top bar and clicking the shopping cart button next to the button. If you would like to delete an item click the red x next to the item. When you are done creating your list you may exit the app or return to the menu. All changes are saved automatically.

Managing Coupons: In order to use the coupon management functionality you must first go to one of your created shopping lists. If not already on the list, add the item for which you have the coupon to the list. Tap the small camera icon under the item for which you have a coupon. Your phone's camera should now launch. Take a photo of your coupon with your phone's camera. The coupon will automatically be added to your shopping list upon taking the photo.

At The Store:Now that you have your shopping lists and coupons you are ready to go to the store! Once at the store, launch the Shoptimize app once again. From the main menu tap the shopping list button. Navigate to the shopping list matching your store. Once on the list screen tap the green shopping cart pointing to a building. This will launch a floor plan of the store which will identify where each item on your list is located. You can navigate through your items by tapping the buttons in the bottom left and right. If you would like to add the location of an item to the database tap the green button in the upper right corner of the box below the floor plan. Then fill in the item name and tap the items location on the floor plan. Once ready to checkout, tap the green button at the middle-bottom to display coupons. Display the coupons to the cashier so they can scan them. You can scroll through the coupons by sw