Shoraya Muis

Depok, Indonesia

I am 19 years old, will be graduating from Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Indonesia in August 2013. I have a big interest in computer science although I am not a savvy programmer.

Born in Frankfurt, raised in Jambi, now living in Depok. 5 years from now? Well let's just see.

I am an avid fan of films, television, and pop culture in general with taste ranging from drama, fantasy, to black comedy (mostly comedy though).

I love a wide range of music. My favorites change from time to time. I can listen and sing along to almost everything, from Pippi Langstrumpf theme song to hip-hop, folks, classical, rock, pop, anything.

Casual gamer, not a hardcore one. Loves RPG but finds action adventure cool too. I finished some vintage (not really) Final Fantasies, Third Generation Pokemon, Dragon Age Origins, GTA: San Andreas, and most recently Bastion. Tons of other games I left hanging mid-story.

Imaginative and open-minded. Free-spirited and loves to have fun. I might surprise you!