Omar Andersson

Recently I have read a fascinating article about SMOG. SMOG just means Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go. This is actually the step that we should use when we desired to change lane traveling during driving. Nevertheless many of us are using the opposite practice that is MOSG. MOSG means Mirror, On the shoulder, Signal, Go. We generally try first to ensure that there are opening for all of us to move into the lane, then only we turn on the sign and move in, when we wished to change to another lane during operating. If there is no opening on the lane alongside us, we dont even bother to show on the signal.

This is exactly what I did when I drive. But in real, if you signal first, the cars on another lane will often leave out an opening for you to maneuver in. I suddenly understand that what I was doing - MOSG is indeed a way, where SMOG is just a practical activity. In SMOG, you create the purpose on what you wish to accomplish, let people find out about it, then you achieve it. If you are interested in jewelry, you will maybe need to discover about logo.

Are we using MOSG or SMOG practice, in achieving what we want in life? I think the majority of us are using MOSG training. For example in our career, we normally only pick up any tasks that comes to us. We think and rarely go about what we wish to achieve within our career. Keep in mind that the tasks that just involves us are typically urgent task that won't help much in our career development. As an example if we desire to turn into a manager, then we must approach our time accordingly to boost ourselves like reading on administration associated products, occupy professional courses or academic courses like MBA and so on. Instead of doing that, the majority of us can just starting to protest that there's no chance for us.

It will be believed by ordinary people only after they see it. But successfully people arent doing that. They believe it, then only they see it.

Most of us do wish to be some one once we certainly are a child. Nevertheless when we grow up, we begin to forgot about that objective. It is not that we specially doing that. It is because that nearly all of us think in MOSG style, we cannot find the opportunity for us to be that someone, so we ignore it. For another way of interpreting this, consider having a peep at: