Shoresh Yasharah

Consultant, Writer, and Small Business Owner in Atlanta, Georgia

My name is Shoresh Ya'sharah!

I am a creative, a Kingdom passionate entrepreneur...everything I do is 'heart-based.'

I am the CEO of CBG (Crowned by Grace) Consulting, an Atlanta-based consultancy that assists with educating people about their healthcare options, through assistance with ACA (Affordable Care Act), Medicare, and Medicaid. Allowing you the freedom to make an educated decision on your healthcare selections. My greatest joy is in serving as an advocate to help senior citizens, and my other clients find resources that support them in their everyday needs. I also assist with grant writing and assistance with Non-profit business and program development.

I am also the Founder and CEO of Yasharah's Place, a non-profit that assist young girls in becoming whole young women and creating the life they have always wanted. We host events such as writing workshops, summer writing camps, creative space sessions, and much more to bring out the inner imaginative person. For example; we sponsor events that help high school students to write college and scholarship essays that wow and lead to opportunities, which might otherwise not be feasible for students who are in need. We also host a powerful mother-daughter mentoring series, which empowers women to overcome, recover and mend broken relationships. As well as nurture well-established relationships.

Vision: Yasharah's Place is a safe place for young girls ages 9-18 to be nurtured, stimulated, and inspired to become whole young girls and women. By providing these young girls with a space of transparency, truth, commitment, and love.

Mission: Yasharah's Place exist to nourish young girls to a life of wholeness through the Love of God. A place of Refuge for the girls.

Core Values: Transparency, Integrity, Discipline, Innovation, Creativity, Commitment, Love, and Spirit of Excellence

My specialties include writing, personal growth coaching and mentoring, business development and consulting, entrepreneurship, non-profit program management and development, youth ministry and parenting, serving with the love of Christ, in excellence and JOY!

My name means 'deeply rooted' and I have to say my Mother definitely got my name right!

I am deeply-rooted and passionate about all things Jesus, I believe in self-awareness, I believe in self-love, I believe in self-responsibility, I believe that God's love covers all, I believe in you!

  • Education
    • Auburn University