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Simbarashe Shoriwa is an ambitious young Zimbabwean graduate, whose passion is to see his country and Africa transforming into a world class place through utilising its resources and rising to become an economic hurb of the world. As a recent graduate and young African man i foresee us ''youths" changing the face of Africa.

The Pencil Pusher site was found and brought to surface after great thoughts on how best we as young people can make a great contribution towards building our economy. In 2013 the site was born with the great intention of focusing on how political/legal, social, economic and technology factors are influencing and affecting our young people in our society. Also If there are any opportunities brought what are they and other realted issues.

This blog intends to bring and encourage participation from and amongst young people towards how best we can building our economy. Welcome to The Pencil Pusher.

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    • Monash University South Africa