Jane Dale

or the script small example, a bride, father feeling is very good, is very concerned about the growth of the daughter, there is mercy has the worry, the daughter to get married, dad body but not too good, when he left the couple parents to tea, this is common in wedding, and after the tea bride speak: dad, when I was a child I ride to go shopping your neck, and then you use bicycle take me shopping, I am not sensible want you hard through a red light and was the police fined, and now I'm married, you prevent or cure a disease, let me hold you once, I will often to see you. Said his couldn't help crying, at the moment which eight feet tall north man, smiling tears, with open arms, tightly around the daughter, the bridegroom take time by the forelock of said 1: I will often come to accompany you playing chess. The edge kick up a fuss people pressure finches silent, nodded approvingly, listen to shutter in the ring. Although the bride is ready, but this is really clear reveal, is not an affectation, not pendulum POS. Wedding photography is to take the truth, not heavy to miss.