Ashwini R

Bangalore, india

I work, I cook, I watch TV, I do everything a working woman does. Outside home I am a copywriter in the advertising world. I have very little time for myself where I need to cook and also look after my life at home. I also have a passion to feed people who love food. All this juggling around has made me a better cook or even better – a homechef. I experiment and try to do something in as less time possible and use cheaper options/ingredients yet have a great taste/flavour. When I say cheaper options I definitely don’t mean unhealthy or ‘bad’, I only mean pocket friendly sourcing of ingredients or even expensive goods in pocket friendly proportions ( which also helps you save up on your most loved ingredient. Come on! let’s face it. We hate spending expensive stuff all at one shot. ) Let me also tell you I am not the one who follows recipes to the T. I make my own proportions and I’ll be realistic and practical about usage- there are some ingredients that don’t really need a 1tsp or 2 tsp to be exact! The food tastes good even if its 3tsp! I splurge (a little) on weekends trying new restaurants.

This blog is for everyone who relates to the working woman’s needs of cooking.Learn the great ways of spending lesser time preparing meals and know more about food around you! Even better, I will even keep my writing short. I am sure we all don’t have too much time in our hands ;)

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