Michele Groll

Covington, Louisiana USA

36 year old Wife and Mother. Born & Raised in Southern Louisiana (various parts). I have been known to have a mouth like a trucker and a somewhat obscene / sarcastic sense of humor (sometimes). I am many things and confused of being many things. I love tattoos, drinking beer and getting all muddy but I also enjoy drinking wine, art shows and being all kinds of girly. I enjoy taking photos more behind the camera than in front of it. I love black eyeliner and fake blood. Can you tell I'm big fan of Halloween. I've been a fan of horror & syfy since i was a young girl (mainly thanks to my older sister). I am a major lover of movies in general. From old black & white to local independents. My husband calls me a b movie queen because I really enjoy me some good b-movies. Feel free to check out my links and/or give me a good rating on blagflag (follow link I'm a blackflag angel).

I believe their is a difference between being educated and being smart. I'm not the church going type but it does not mean I'm not religious. "Normal" people worry me mainly because they are the ones that snap from the pressure of being perfectly normal. I admire imperfections.

Dysfunctional. Crazy. Unconventional. Abnormal. Goofy Complicated . Slightly Paranoid.

All describe Me and people I adore.

My interests/Hobbies:

My family, trying new craft beers, coffee, meeting new people, expressing myself in new ways, foot massages, painting, writing, dancing, watching movies, photography, My dogs, local events, reading, conventions, traveling, summer, beaches

A Few Random Facts:

I hate blueberries

my feet have their own "followers"

I don't really wear make up much

I love shoes

I flirt without realizing it

I'm actually quite shy ... but sometimes i hide it well