Mike ShortY

Art... This is what I live for. I've come to the conclusion over my life art has been the biggest influence throughout. I never knew or understood what art could conjure for me in any aspect of my life. I always knew that it was my biggest passion but never knew how to apply my talent into anything substantial. Starting off as trivial as any other I learned all my basics through high school and even attended some college courses to further my development. All the while I was learning more and more about art and understanding quite a bit more as I went on. Though I had an issue with other artist at all times in my earlier years. I'm still young but when I was in school I found myself in competitions that would wage into larger battles ending up shedding a little blood here and there but all in the name of art. I could never understand why it ever escalated like that all the time but I grew out of that idea of everything and became more humbled in my life and it flowed into my art. This is when I could actually progress as a person and more importantly as an artist. Sadly I fell out of my artistic lifestyle and went to work like everyone else. I never lost interest or gave up on actually creating artwork. I would randomly get influences to draw or paint and make something here and there but it wasn't enough. While I worked hard all the time I further fell from art and became consumed in money and making more to survive. I gave into the corporate work force and kept at it until I met someone who gave me an outlet I never would have thought of... I was given my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. This was the only tattoo I had ever imagined getting or even wanted. When I was 22 my friend had talked to me about tattoos and tattooing all the time. Eventually he gave me my second tattoo which I learned was my outlet. I felt great getting something I had drawn tattooed onto my body. This was amazing. After this I had an offer to try and test my hand at tattooing and see if I had it in me to actually do something. I tried this for the first time and fell in love with it. I was comfortable with the idea of doing it. I couldn't get enough after learning the basics and trying it out. I had to indulge in this idea. I spent a year working as hard as I could practicing and learning. Never did I try anything I knew was out of my bounds. After meeting a couple different artists I found myself owning a tattoo shop with another amazing artist.