Somewhere in Manchester, UK

Real Name: Quynh [pronounced 'Qu-inn']

Preferred Username: Sho-saka [The hypen is important]

Gender: Female, duh

Personal Profile: British Vietnamsese soon-to-be freelance artist doing doodles of comics, characters and illustrations. If you're interested in looking at my artworks, please click the following links belows. Mostly full of fanart, original and sometimes photographs of me in silly outfits.

Main Art Medium Method: Mostly traditional, especially in the field of pencil and ink, watercolour [albeit in soluble pencil mode], marker pens and digital, depending on the subject matter. Also can do mixed media by combining digital and traditional.

Main Art Style: Stylised not-quite-manga-and-not-quite-cartoon-hybrid in a naive and humorous manner.

Preferred Subject Matter: Funny [though not of satirical nature], self-promotion, cute/kawaii, relationships [though in a heterosexual manner, not very good with same-sex images], family, supernatural, religion [though focused on Christian Saints] and pop culture mostly focused on video gaming.

Background (C) Simone Lia

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    • Sequential Artist