Shosheena Stone

Inspirational Writer in Lennox Head, Australia

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I love to inspire others to make positive change in their lives, I have a gentle nature and love my independence. I'm a Naturopath by trade, I'm passionate about meditation, yoga, healthy eating, affirmation and having balance in life.

I'm a mother and take pride in the importance of this role, to bring magic, endless love, fun, education and new experiences into the lives of little people.

I love to write and am fortunate enough to do this for a living as a blog writer. I'm creative and love to draw, sew, paint and play in the kitchen, creating delicious feasts!

I strongly believe that I am here on this path, at this moment, as it is where I'm meant to be.

May my sharing of thoughts, ideas and knowledge reach you in a way that inspires and motivates you to have the courage to plunge into life head first, free of hesitation and resistance.

Let yourself be vulnerable, spread your wings and let the winds take you on an amazing journey beyond your wildest dreams.