Student in the United States


Student in the United States

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Hello!! I'm shoyo or shion!!

This is the abt/byf for @uhohshion on instagram!! Its a spam/vent so don't follow if that bothers u!!

I'm 16!! N I'm masc/gender-neutral so my pronouns r they/them or he/him!! Im panrom n aceflux but i dont mind being in a poly relationship!! I like drawing (my art account is @koecity) writing, n animals!! I have one dog two cats n two mice!!


Don't follow if...

– r homo/transphobic/racist etc.

– anti-other/fickin

– kin w mine or my friends kins

– r pals w someone who kins w mine or my pals kins

– over the age of 20 (unless I follow first)

– support rape/rapists

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