Shot Straws

Santa Monica, California, United States

Invented in Ireland and developed in California, The Shot Straw takes your shot-taking experience to the next level of fun and deliciousness. The device allows you to take a shot without getting the burn from the alcohol, and also allows you to take shots that resemble your favorite mixed drinks. To use the Shot Straw simply fill the Shot Straw with a shot, submerge it into a cup full of chaser, and when you drink - the shot is followed immediately by chaser. This leaves you with the taste of the chaser, instead of the taste of the shot. The Shot Straw is 7 inches tall so it easily fits into a 16oz. red party cup, has a one-inch diameter so it's easy to pour shots into, and holds 1.3 oz. of liquid. Because the device is clear, you can see the chaser come up through the bottom, washing the shot away.

When you drink out of the Shot Straw it's the same as drinking out of a regular drinking straw, just keep taking a few gulps and the chaser will wash down the shot automatically. Shot Straws are made of FDA approved materials, they are very easy to clean, and fit right into your pocket for easy transport. Read more about the Shot Straw and the story of how it came to be by visiting! Cheers!