Lauren Shotts

Lauren Shotts

Hello world!

Ren here. I have recently have taken my 27th dance among the stars and am starting a new life venture with my blog:

I want to provide raw snapshot(t)s of life experiences, tips, and all things real that are discovered in this wildly beautiful life we live. I aspire to help or inspire others appreciate all that is good, practice gratitude, and focus on what truly matters in life.

A brief history of Ren:

Born and raised in a rural burg of South Central Pennsylvania, I learned that South Central does it like nobody does (s/o to Montel Jordan). I loved growing up in the country with my older sister and parents. Like most things in life, I didn't fully appreciate the 'burg until I moved away.

Considering myself a child of the sea, it's only fitting that I attended college near one of the most beautiful beaches in America. Obtaining my BS of Biology from UNCW, I had hopes of going to med school straight after college . Maybe I will still make it there one day, for now, life has taken me on an incredible journey.

Love led me to the desert and I currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona with my boyfriend and red nose pibble. I am certain I will make it back to the ocean one day and all of the passion I have is leading me to do something extraordinary.

That about sums it up in a nutshell.