Shoufna Team

" Shoufna " not the name of the organization, or a party or a team .... It's like the name of each one as much as to be his area and his Shouf.
The population of the residents eliminate 174,000 people distributed on 97 of 72 town council elected.
Still Shouf despite urbanization and globalization pretty slick from Lebanon.
In order to maintain the Shouf and the people, decided to " Shoufna " work and the recruitment of the capacity of youth to serve the region and its people.
Of the goals of " Shoufna ":
* Making young people, especially aged between 15 and 30 years old, share the concerns of some of their needs, concerns, sorrows, and even their joys.
* Exploiting the capacity and skills of young people From Shouf, to help the people of the region.
* Create a space where young people From Shouf, share with the people of the villages, what would strengthen the relations and friendships between the people of the Shouf.
* To support the activities of the Shouf and towns, and establish a youth conscious works for the interests of his region, and proves that he can make a difference and change for the better .... Shouf!