Shoujiki Quinn Jester

Daddy's right; at His feet

Delightedly one amidst the graces of feline;
born of flesh unknown.

Simply the heart and soul tethered by choice,
bound by love, connected in the soul;

floundering in waters of combination.

The scent of home-grown softness, naivety settled in the ever-present child’s keep,
bare soles as one with all ‘pon creation;
a country femme in a world beyond understanding.

Missing the simpler times.

Well in love with the Man that holds her leash;
oh yes, she is Home at His feet..
will be, ‘pon the first true meet.





Every inch a submissive and proud to know the grace of my life.
Proud to be His and His alone.

Officially collared: 2012 in the month of October

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