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One of the goals of interventional pain management is to help you obtain pain relief without the use of medication. The primary way this is accomplished is by blocking the pain paths to your brain.

We believe every patient is different. After understanding the location and type of pain you are experiencing, along with a careful diagnosis with high tech scanners, a plan of treatment is developed for best results. Some of the tools used include radiofrequency ablation, joint and steroid injections, and nerve blocks.

The understanding of how the human body works has grown considerably in recent years, enabling doctors and therapists to do much more when it comes to relieving pain. Pain that ranges from discomfort to acute pain can often be treated now – on a regular basis.

When symptoms include sleeplessness, soreness, burning, neuropathy, headaches, back pain, bone pain, pain in the muscles, and more, and traditional medicine cannot resolve it, it is time to see an interventional pain specialist. We provide a number of different ways to help you get the pain relief you need and want.